My Work

Click on the Mummy to the left and check out the display busts I have made.

My Work

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Other Artist

Click on the Wolfman and get a behind the scenes look at some masks being created.

Don Post was really the guy that started it all. Take a look at some very rare photos from the company's history.

Don Post Studios


The HALLOWEEN SOCIETY is legendary in the collecting community. Lets get on the Time Machine and see what was going on back in the 1980's.

With the 90's quickly drawing to a close, mask collectors were treated to a new fanzine.  Take a look at what the HEADHUNTERS brought to the table.

Here are some interesting behind the scenes makeup shots. I hope you enjoy them.

Movie Artist

In this section you will find some amusing photos of characters out of character.

In this folder you will find miscellaneous photos from conventions and other destinations.

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