Boris Karloff and Colin Clive having tea. Boris Karloff having a smoke.
Bela Lugosi and his son.

Buster Keaton and Boris Karloff at a charity baseball game.
Boris Karloff with a makeup artist (Son of Frankenstein)
Boris Karloffs birthday during Son of Frankenstein.
Tod Browning and Lon Chaney Bela Lugosi as Santa Claus
Henry Hull as The Werewolf of London Lon Chaney Jr. and Moose
Bud Abbott and two Mr. Hydes Ben Chapman as the Creature
Lon Chaney Jr. and his dog Moose. Boris Karloff and Jack Pierce
Ben Nye and David Hedison (The Fly) Gorilla on Planet of the Apes
Forrest Ackerman and John Landis on Schlock Elsa Lanchester doing some touch up.
Maurice Evans chows down. Brigette Helm cools down.
Jonathon Harris and Billy Mumy - Lost in Space. Jonathon Harris - Lost in Space.
Karloff drops in...

Two Juniors